The Ultimate Startup Guide for Aspiring Guitarist

For the love of music.

I still remembered how much I was into playing a guitar a decade ago when I was 17 years old. I can’t deny my love for popular hits such as 情非得已 by Harlem Yu, 对面的女孩看过来by Ah Niu and many more.

Self learning was tough and there wasn’t much resources on the net that can help you start off well.

Here are 5 essential gears to get you started :

1.Initial Start with an Acoustic Guitar

Deciding on which guitar to start with may be a huge success factor of your learning curve. Acoustic guitars are generally harder to begin with because of the thick strings and neck. It aims to enable you to learn proper fingering techniques, guitar chords and hear clearly the strumming patterns which you will need for the long run.

For me, the vibrancy of the sound produced by an acoustic guitar gives you wings. I feel good all the time starting with a G Chord.

Lesson Learnt : I started off with a Classical Guitar, man it was painful for my transition to an acoustic guitar.


2.Start off with an affordable guitar
It is good to start off with an affordable guitar else the pain will not be on your fingers but on your wallet. I personally recommend a price range of $80 – $150 for your first guitar.

You can also head over to My’O’things carousell Page to look for pre-loved and mint conditioned guitars.

Our Pick : Yamaha F310:  Yamaha F310 Natural does the job well. What’s yours?

Yamaha F310 MyOthings

3. Tuner saves lives.

Don’t be surprised that in your guitar learning journey, you’ll meet some friends whom has a “tuner ear”. In my honest opinion, I think getting a tuner is very practical to get the pitching of your guitar right.

Some of the affordable tuners here.

4. Guitar Strings

An extra set of strings are like your spare tyres.

String snaps would always kill off the training momentum, specially when you are in your “serenading moments”.
Compared to my nylon strings on my classical guitar, I would always replace the strings when I spot a wear and tear. I personally like elixir strings long lifespan.

Here’s a easy tutorial on how to replace guitar strings :

5. Finally, the chord chart

Once you’ve gotten all the 4 items ready, the chord chart will come in as your handy guide to know how to maneuver around different finger positioning.

The first 4 chords I’ve learnt : G – EM – C – D, what’s yours?

Check out some of the pre-loved items in mint condition in MyO’Thing’s Carousell Page and you may chance upon

a new love, be it gears or guitars.

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