[O Relationships] Your spouse is your reason to smile,because of the little things they do, here’s why.

Are you guilty of leaving the dishes in the sink, leaving your dirty laundry in the basket? Enjoying your favorite Netflix series on the couch while your spouse is carrying out the task for you? Have you ever wondered why, despite the busy bee life and living out a political right way in the office,…

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Love for 21 Years

“Real love brings together both the emotions and the will” Ravi Zacharias once said. “Without the emotions, marriage is a drudgery; without the will it is a mockery”. Our 21 years journey is that of God’s grace and purpose. He brings us a step closer together by his pleasure of our oneness with him and with each other and for what he wants to do.

It’s our joy to #MakeLoveLast and to follow Him.