My Maison 335 Copy

This’ my Maison ES-335. It’s been with me for almost 30 years.

From Malaysia where I was born, I got it as a student after my O levels for RM500 then. It travelled with me when my family migrated to Perth, Australia.

I studied, lived and played guitar (as a hobby) for 5 years.

Now, i am back in Asia. I’ve lived in Singapore for the last 20 over years and this Korean ES-335 copy has been with me through everything.

I have had hundreds of guitar come and go but this one remained the one I love.

It wasn’t expensive, nor fancy. Just love for a long time.

That’s my story with this guitar as my O’thing. What about you?

One thought on “My Maison 335 Copy

  1. Hi,

    I have just recently discovered Maison guitars and have just purchased an SAS-610 in a lovely 3 colour sunburst. I have owned many different types of semi hollow guitars over the years but there is something very special about this Maison. These are very close to original Gibson ES-335 guitars in terms of construction. An absolute gem of a guitar that feels so comfortable to play, is light weight for a semi and sounds absolutely incredible both acoustically and when plugged in. I should point out that the pickups are non original. There is a pair of inexpensive humbucker sized P90s in this guitar Andi love them. Who knows, maybe this Maison will stay with me for as many years as yours has stated with you?!

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