The challenge to buy using our 4 buying principles is the challenge to buy what you’ll love for a long time. When we buy what we love, we consume less and save more and value not just our hard earned money but our fragile environment.

Does it look good to you? 

The principle of appearance is to buy only what looks right for you. If something bugs you about how it looks, even if it’s not the right colour or shape, think again before buying. Look around for one that looks right before pulling out your wallet.

How does it serve you? 

The principle of function examines how the thing will serve you. Is it serving you with all you need it to? Find something that not only looks good but does something for you. However, don’t fall into the trap of looking for too many features in one product. We rather you get something that is good in one thing that mediocre in many things.

Will it last for at least 10 years?

The principle of durability is how is the thing going to last? Can you imagine it still with you in relatively good condition in 2, 5 or 10 years. Will it last long enough to be your O’thing?

What’s the story about this?

The principle of connection checks in on its origin? Is there an associated story to its origin? How it makes you feel by the story you give yourself about it?  A story about its origin or how you found it is a powerful way to keep your things ’til it becomes your O’thing. It may not be perfect as long as the imperfection gives it character and a story, it will fulfil the principle of connection.

The 4 principles does not mean that we buy things that’s spick and span or spotless. We don’t even say it should be brand new. Infact, we carry a lot of preused things too. Most of the time it is preused things that contributes to the principle of connection. Finding out its origin gives us a great story to get us connected to it.

So there, our 4 buying principles so that we all consume less and love more.

What do you think of our 4 principles of buying? Are you in for that challenge? why?
Why not?

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