Our First Business in 2016

A online guitar shop was MyO’Things Social Enterprise’s first business before it ventured into IT Consultancy, social media management and digital marketing.

The activities we engaged in to #MakeLoveLast include

  • Guitar Setup Services
  • Trading of preused Guitars, Bass, Equipments and Pedals
  • Sale of Vinyl LPs,
  • Turntable Setup Services.
  • Delivery Services.

You can still find us buying and selling on www.Carousell.com/myothings


SongKids & Children In Surabaya 2019

SongKids (the main cause why MyO’Things is setup for) with Yayasan Tangan Terbuka enjoy a time with community in Surabaya on 19 August 2019.

It’s Indonesia’s national day and 255 children in 9 orphanages came together in this grand event hosted in Galilee Hall.

We want to thank all our sponsors and volunteers! It’s been great serving together. We received feedback that children of Surabaya were inspired & blessed.

We look forward to 2020!

My Maison 335 Copy

This’ my Maison ES-335. It’s been with me for almost 30 years.

From Malaysia where I was born, I got it as a student after my O levels for RM500 then. It travelled with me when my family migrated to Perth, Australia.

I studied, lived and played guitar (as a hobby) for 5 years.

Now, i am back in Asia. I’ve lived in Singapore for the last 20 over years and this Korean ES-335 copy has been with me through everything.

I have had hundreds of guitar come and go but this one remained the one I love.

It wasn’t expensive, nor fancy. Just love for a long time.

That’s my story with this guitar as my O’thing. What about you?