Love for 21 Years

“Real love brings together both the emotions and the will” Ravi Zacharias once said. “Without the emotions, marriage is a drudgery; without the will it is a mockery”. Our 21 years journey is that of God’s grace and purpose. He brings us a step closer together by his pleasure of our oneness with him and with each other and for what he wants to do.

It’s our joy to #MakeLoveLast and to follow Him.

We are in the business of helping

We are not a retail company so be warned that we do not behave like one. We don’t just sell but we are a company that wants to help you find your O’things. “O’things are things you’ll love for a long time!”

If you are tired of buying something that your love for it fizzles out within a week, we’ll reverse that for you. We pay 100% attention so you’ll get what you want.

This is our story …

Imagine the wonder of what you buy lasting for a long time.

It can happen to you too. Before you buy any new guitar or instrument, check out our store.

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SoundBrenner Pulse In Singapore

Yes, the Soundbrenner Pulse is here in Singapore.

Develop the most important aspect of music, timing! The metronome is always the device you need but you don’t own because honestly, the click is irritating. This one sends a haptic pulse and beats on your skin. So you don’t hear it but you feel it. This will do wonders to improve your inner rhythm.

This is our flagship product and we are promoting what we love. MyO’things is the authorised reseller for Singapore and Malaysia. We have sold hundreds in Singapore alone and expanding to Malaysia.

Don’t wait! It’s time to develop your inner timing. Give your ears space to hear the music, not the metronome. A metronome you can feel like it’s a part of you. It’s a device you always need but never got to get one. Now you would WANT this. A metronome that you can wear with you! At all times! To improve, improve, improve.

If you are in Singapore you can get it with one year local 1-1 exchange warranty and free delivery to your doorstep all across the island. SMS/Whatapp HT @ +65 92212246.

If you are in Malaysia, you can get it from our guy in KL. Or you can join international buyers to purchase it at the best price from (Affiliate link)


An SG is the Greatest Simple Rock Guitar of all time!

“It’s light, it has incredible tone, it’s cool and it has a good price” – Someone once said about one of the most under-rated guitar design ever, the SG or less commonly known as what it stands for “Solid Guitar”.

I know the Les Paul or LP is the famous cousin. But an SG is truly the greatest “double humbucker” rock guitar I have ever used. And I have played many, ie. Es-335s, Ibanez RGs, PRS, you name it.

I’m not the only one. There are many others out there who raves about SG as their O’thing. Read Ty talk about this first life partner.

I remember the first time I played one, being a jazz-rock-blues (yes in that order) based player, the first riffs I played on it was a  jazz riff. I was utterly surprised by how well it handles the genre clean. It is smooth, resonant and plays easily. It reaches the highest register of the guitar easily, unlike an LP which is blocked by the bulky joint.

The sparkly clarity is present even when played with distortion. The notes ring so well and has a balanced note separation. Started loving guitars with the Strats then became a Tele afficionado and later on in life as in now, I’m an SG convert.

I term the SG as the greatest simple rock guitar of all time.

Here in myO’things, we have 2 Epiphone SG in stock. A standard one with glossy red and a Worn series with its beautiful red wood grain both carefully selected to be passed on as your O’thing.

Check out our Carousell page or watch this space for pictures and details of these two beauties.

The Guitar With A Custom Shop Feel

This is a Fender Classic Player 50s in gorgeous Sunburst. Yeah! Sunburst is always gorgeous. (Notice how it shows up time and time again in our Carousell page)

A classic sure “myO’thing” candidate. When we saw it, we loved it.

An authentic Fender guitar with custom shop feel. Very much like the famous Baja Fender series, the body is made in Mexico, it is  “custom shop designed” by Master Builder Dennis Galuszka. His mantra to get the feel and sound of the instrument right before everything else is shown in this design.

Rare in the second-hand market, because owners usually don’t let them go.

What we like about this guitar is not only the gorgeous look but feels and plays top notch. The medium jumbo frets (compared to thin frets) makes your hand slides up and down the neck effortlessly. We love the soft v neck. Soft spot for them and the custom 2 point styled tremolo like those made in American Series Strat.

Unlike the usual Mexican strats, this has real American made pickups. Tune to vintage specs, you get what a 50s strat should sound like. So you can save some real money from needing to upgrade now nor the future.

It was the previous owner’s O’thing having made an attempt to relic the guitar before he changed his mind to leave it alone. See the mark on the top most part of the guitar where your arm rest and a little scratch below the bridge.

Just cosmetic flaw that does not affect the tone of this baby. Infact, it adds to its character.

If you have never owned a great playing Fender guitar, this is your chance.

We got the guitar because of previous owner’s change of life priority. He needed cash to attend a fork-lift work course so he passed the guitar to us to be someone else’s O’thing. He quoted “I will sadly miss it because it is such a great player”. We at MyO’things will too.

Hurry, make this your O’thing for only SGD 790 here in Singapore and plus shipping (separately quoted) elsewhere.

Why not, I will add a preused Fender soft case to carry this pride around. Hurry, this guitar will not last in our collection.

If you get this before the end of July, we’ll include a brand new leather strap still in package. Something deserving to hold this beautiful guitar up.

Get this now or another. Just chat with us or give us your comments what kind of O’thing you are looking for.