Top Best Selling Guitar Reverb Pedals

Here in myO’things, we have a special heart for reverb pedals. Here are the top ones we recommend for your need with our #1 recommendation in the end.

  • Strymon BigSky: The Strymon BigSky is highly regarded for its extensive range of high-quality reverb sounds, exceptional sound quality, and versatile controls. It offers a wide variety of reverb types and has become a popular choice for many professional guitarists.
  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2: The TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 is a versatile reverb pedal known for its affordability and high-quality sound. It offers a range of reverb algorithms, including hall, plate, spring, and more, and provides toneprint functionality for further customization.
  • Boss RV-6: The Boss RV-6 is a compact and reliable reverb pedal known for its wide range of reverb options, including spring, hall, plate, and more. It offers intuitive controls, solid build quality, and a reputation for delivering great-sounding reverbs.
  • EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run: The EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run is a popular choice for those seeking atmospheric and ambient reverb sounds. It combines reverb with a delay effect, offering lush and ethereal textures.

MyO’things #1 recommendation: TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2

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