Meinl Headliner SCAJ100BR-NT Snare Cajon, Baltic Birch


Cajons are perfect for holding down the rhythm for your band when a full drum set would be impractical, such as smaller clubs or acoustic gigs. The MEINL Headliner Series Snare Cajon has two internal snare systems that add a crisp “sizzling” effect. Its all-birch construction provides rich resonance to your slap tones. There’s also very satisfying bass “boom” when you play in the center of the faceplate.

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The Meinl Percussion Birch Snare Cajon is equipped with two fixed snare systems that add a crisp “sizzle” effect to your slap tones. The all birch wood construction (one of the most famous wood species in drum set construction) contributes to the resonance of the slap tones. The birch construction is also what produces the resonant bass sound that gives you that “boom” tone when you play in the center of the face plate. This Cajon is easy to play and carry. It requires no musical training to begin. Just sit down and have fun. The bottom of the Cajon is equipped with no slip rubber feet.

  • 100% Birch construction
  • Adjustable top corners for more slap
  • Fixed dual snare system for a crisp snare effect
  • Natural front plate with Almond Birch resonating body
  • Made in Europe
  • Item Weight: 10 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.8 X 12.5 X 18 inches


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